Letting God Design the Culture

Words hold a lot of weight. Words hold a lot of meaning. It’s James who tells us that above all things the tongue is the most powerful. He says with it we both build up and tear down, praise God and curse men. Words are a powerful tool. Words spark emotion and emotion drives everything else. Words shape our culture. So what should be the driving force behind each of our words? Continue reading “Letting God Design the Culture”

Repentance: Is it Needed in the Christian’s Life?

Often times when the Christian thinks about doing righteous work, they shrink back in a sort of fear. When we think to ourselves, “On the one hand not doing righteous work makes it seem as if I am not Christian, because Christians do righteous things. On the other hand saying I need to do righteous works seems to add onto the gospel and diminish its message of a free gift.” These two things coexist.

Continue reading “Repentance: Is it Needed in the Christian’s Life?”