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My Journey

My name is Jacob Nannie. I am a pastor, farmer, boyfriend, teacher, and follower of Jesus Christ.

I grew up in a solid christian home and was raised with biblically sound parents and teaching. Saved at the early age of three, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that God ignited in my heart a fire that pushed me towards Godliness. Then began the struggle of  balancing an increasing heart for God and secular way of living life.

After I graduated high school I entered into a nine-month discipleship program called Master Commission where I learned it’s not about balancing godliness and un-godliness, it’s about letting the everlasting love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ search and destroy all ungodliness in your life. It is in Masters Commission I discovered Reformed Theology, and the doctrines of Grace. It is in Masters Commission that my heart for God and the knowledge of him (theology) grew and I found my calling as a pastor and teacher.

I am now a youth pastor at New Hope Community Church in Turlock, CA. I teach biblical classes at New Hope as well. I am also a junior at CSU Stanislaus.

Why “Alrighteousness”?

First off it is pronounced “all righteousness” and it is the name of my blog for three main reasons.

  1. Alrighteousness is a word that my fathers good friend and brother in Christ always uses as a joke. Instead of “alright” he will say “alrighteousness”. He is man who has taught me much about theology and its importance, and he’s the source of the name.
  2. The spelling is actually a typo. I am probably the first person ever to type that word and I missed typed it. It was meant to be with two L’s instead of one but I like how one L looks so that’s that.
  3. When I think of the word alrighteousness I think of all godliness which leads me to think of the spiritual things of Christ and the knowledge of God. Those two things drive my life and I want to write about them.

What is a “Theological Journal”

In short what I mean by theological journal is a record of the growth, degradation, and change in my theology as I develop as a young pastor. Theology is knowing God. Journaling is, well just that, journaling. Together they make up my written thoughts of God, some deep, some shallow. This is a theological journal.

I will be wrong. I will be inconsistent. I will contradict myself. I will change my opinions. I would be a fool to think otherwise.