The Wright Words for the Wrong Cause

I read an article this morning in the NY Times titled The Gathering Threat to Abortion Rights. In short, the article is a very emotional appeal towards the right to choose and how the pro-life movement (and namely Mitch McConnel) is destroying “basic American freedom.” As you read the article, if you do, notice the emotional appeal and words used. Those on the pro-life side will make the same emotional appeals with two notable differences: they are facts, and they are logic.

In a meeting I had recently a pastor said that our local church body has been silent on the issue of homosexuality and human sexuality, and while human sexuality should never be the sole focus of the local church, it should be addressed. I think of abortion the same way. The Church has been silent on this issue for far, far too long. I stand amazed about how little we have to say on the issue, and how unwilling we are to help.

While I pray for the day we are all willing to get out there and fight, I do recognize the church needs some education on the issue. I will not cover everything in this post, but I will point out the inconsistencies and bad arguments presented in this article.

Light Words for a Heavy Topic

Words hold weight. We know this. St. James speaks about this in his letter. So, when see and hear words that empty the weight of abortion we should immediately refute it. The article is filled with emotional appeals such as pointing out that abortion doctors already face life threats, and that this bill that may pass makes it harder for poor women to get abortions. The article is clear in its stance on the issue within the first paragraph by its use of terms.

“People who care about basic American freedoms should be grateful to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, for one thing: He has given liberals another good reason to flock to the polls in November.”

“…basic American freedoms…”? I thought the most basic of American freedoms is the right to life, the right to be alive. Well, according to the pro-choice side, the right to choose who lives and who dies is more important than the right to life. If you are a Christian reading this, think it through. What happens when we advocate more and more for the freedom to choose? You can bet your bottom dollar that the right to choose will spread from the issue of abortion to many other issues.

If we protect the right for mothers to murder their children, why are we not protecting the right for serial killers to go on a killing spree? Why don’t we protect the rights for rapist to commit vile acts on women? Why don’t we protect the rights of pedophiles who prey on children? After all, these are all choices are they not, and if we issue punishments to those who commit murder, rape, and pedophilia, according to the left, we are violating the most “…basic American freedom.” The left wont protect the rights of choice for murders, rapists and pedophiles because they are not okay with the acts they commit… for now. But if it makes you feel any better they are okay with moms murdering their children.

The Wrong Words for a Right Cause

The pro-life side is in error as well. While it’s good that they want to do away with abortion, they see a ban on abortions at 20 weeks as a win. Is it though? Do we win by resizing the window of opportunity mothers have to murder their child? No! We win when we criminalize abortion period.

As believers we should get behind and support the mission of the pro-life movement, but we have to recognize there will be a time where they leave us behind and we strive forward. The pro-life movement wants safer abortions that take place earlier in pregnancy. That is their mission. The believing worldview says no abortion is safe, and no stage of pregnancy warrants an abortion.

Roe v. Wade is Not Law

Finally, the article points out that a ban on abortions at 20 weeks “violates the Supreme Court Standards” that were established in Roe v. Wade. Hey, America, the Supreme Court does not make laws. They make suggestions. This article knows that, but phrases it in such a way that most of us sadly glance over it thinking that a ban on abortion at 20 weeks is illegal. It’s not. Roe v. Wade said abortion should be legal, but it’s up to each and every individual state to decide. The problem is every state forgot how laws work and immediately made abortion legal.

When you hear the supreme court argument, immediately point out two things: Roe v. Wade is not law, and murder is wrong even if the state and government say its ok.

These are just some quick thoughts on a NY Times article, but the issue is much larger and believe me, if we do not speak up on the issue of abortion, soon there will be a fight to protect the “basic American freedom” of murders, rapists, and pedophiles and many more.

Church, equip yourself. Join the fight in any way you can.

I highly recommend visiting They have many resources and are doing a great work in fighting abortion with the Gospel, saving at least 200 babies. Donate, support, and join the mission.

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