Making God into a False Idol

This Christmas I received one of the many books on my wish list, “The Forgotten Trinity” by James White. So today I wanna write a short post on this topic.

One of the things said in the first chapter really hit home with me. In a nut shell Dr. White says that when we don’t get our theology of God from the bible we build God up to be something he is not and therefore make an idol that appears as God.

How many of us do that all the time? We don’t like the idea or sometimes fact that the bible says this or that about God, or that God is this or that way in his character and therefore we want nothing to do with¬†that part of God. But in doing so, we build ourselves a false idol that appears to be true.

In this short blog post I want to encourage you to embrace all of God and not just the parts you like.

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