Letting God Design the Culture

Words hold a lot of weight. Words hold a lot of meaning. It’s James who tells us that above all things the tongue is the most powerful. He says with it we both build up and tear down, praise God and curse men. Words are a powerful tool. Words spark emotion and emotion drives everything else. Words shape our culture. So what should be the driving force behind each of our words?

Let’s take the word love for example. Lets say I tell my fiancée, my mom, and a friend that I love them. Would it be safe to assume that when I tell them I love I mean the same love for each of them? No. I love my fiancée with a romantic love. I love my mom with a familial love. I love my friend with a brotherly love. Put in the proper definition, and proper context the word love is impactful in each one of those relationships.

I use the word love as an example because it is one I think is under attack in our culture. One of the driving forces behind legalization of gay marriage, and the idea that the bible permits consensual homosexual relationships is, well, love. But not love in a biblical sense. We want homosexuals to be able to “love,” and if they can’t get married or be accepted for being homosexual then how could they ever “love?”

The problem we run into is this: Who is defining that word love? And this is where we run into an issue. We have to understand that God created us all and is all-knowing and therefore knows what is best for us. God knows the proper definition of love. He knows the definition that will enable us to live a full and wonderful life. But we don’t want someone else defining and designing our culture. Almighty man wants it his/her way. We think we know whats best for us and we will build and construct a society that we think is best.

Love is just one example of how we prohibit scripture and God from intervening in our lives and as a result we get, well exactly what we have now, a fractured and broken culture. But if we let God and the scriptures define our culture then we will build one that flourishes.

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  1. I say the driving force behind each of our words should be compassion. Then, no matter what we intend to say or to whom we are speaking, we’re most likely not to offend.

    1. Yes! This reminds me of what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13. “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” All we do is make noise when we don’t speak in love and compassion.

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