Mormonism and Ministry to the Mormons

In the past 6 months I have taken up an interest in the Mormon religion. The high school I attended had (and most likely still has) a huge number of Mormons that attended as well. They are the nicest and most kind people I’ve met. They are very dedicated and driven in their mission. That got me wondering, what is up with Mormonism?

The reason I have taken up an interest in this religion is because about 6 months ago I heard somewhere a Mormon give the Mormon gospel. As I heard it I was puzzled, because he used the same language, same terms, and it sounded just like the way I would present the Gospel. I began to say to myself that if this is really what they believe than aren’t they just another branch of Christianity?

Turns out the terms they use are extremely different from the Christian religion. When they talk about Jesus it is not the same Jesus we know and believe in. When they talk about the Father, it is not the same Father we know and believe in. When they talk about man, they do not hold the same views of man, his nature and goal, as we do. The deep theological topics and differences I will save for another post.

While digging into Mormonism, I found a particular interest in Joseph Smith. His family history is very interesting and I find a lot of parallels so to speak between the way he was raised and the founding of the Mormon religion. It was said of his dad that if he told you the sky was blue you would not believe him because he was a notorious liar.

So, this is sort of an intro blog post to Mormonism. As the weeks, months, and years go by and as I grow in my knowledge of the Mormon religion I will be posting more in depth content. For now, my heart and burden is to begin dialoguing with these kind and loving people. My desire is that the come to know Christ and his saving grace.

If you would like to know more about the Mormon religion I would highly recommend these resources:

The Book of Mormon;; and anything by James White on Mormonism.

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