Re-Fomring: Introduction

How do you view the world? What glasses are you looking through and what prescription are those glasses? What I mean is, what have you shaped the glasses to see? I believe that the western church has outgrown its prescription. What used to be crystal clear has become slightly blurry, and if not corrected will leave us blind. 

Throughout the next couple of posts (this as an introduction) I will be doing a series called Re-Forming. The topic I am trying to present is paradigm. I think that it is beneficial for our paradigms to be “blown-up,” in other words be challenged. For so long the western church hasn’t been challenged on many things and it shows in the circumstances such as the legalization of gay marriage. There was a day and there will be a day where our vision is/was clear and we are/were able combat these things peaceably but truthfully.

My grandparents have been living with us recently. They have two adorable dogs named Missy and Buddy. One day the dogs were downstairs in their room barking like crazy. I went down to check on them and Buddy is barking intensely at the door I opened while Missy, who is going blind, is barking at a blank wall. Is that not us as a church? We too are going blind. We can’t see clearly so we end up “barking” at things that really don’t matter and we make noise that really isn’t necessary.

If we really want to combat the cultural, societal, racial, and moral problems that exist in our world, if we want to invade the seven channels of society (Church, Business, Education, Social Sector, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Media) with the power of Christ, we need to have clear vision. What I hope to do in the course of these article is inspire and encourage each individual believer to reform the ways in which they view and live life.

“Clear eyes, Full heart, Can’t lose!”

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